Multimedia Products
   Electronic Ballast
   Switching Power Supply
   Electronic Welding Machine
   Magnetic Components

A. Multimedia Products
DMC can design Multimedia Hardware such as Video Lan Media Player or so-called Media Box, Set-Top-Box Satellite Receiver (IRD), Internet Modem ipstar*, etc.

ipstar* Set
DTV Grey Dish Set
DTV Yellow Dish Set
mainboard ipstar*

B. Electronic Ballast Brand “Q-KRAFT”

HID Electronic Ballast
DMC HID Q-KRAFT improve the performance of HID lighting systems with greater energy efficiency, more consistent lamp color and maximized lumen maintenance as well as lamp life. Additionally, it also offers more consistent light output and lamp color regardless of input voltage variation and lamp life age. Lower ownership’s total cost through energy efficiency and maximized lumen maintenance are not beyond our control. Simultaneously, Q-KRAFT is quieter and cooler, weighs less and possesses compact capability.  
HID Ballast

Fluorescent Electronic Ballast
High frequency electronic ballast offers high-quality lighting performance with efficient energy consumption. A variety of lamp ignition methods can provide further energy efficiency and/or lamp life improvement. Energy costs can be reduced by as much as half versus electromagnetic ballasts. DMC Q-KRAFT has a wide variety of lamp starting methods for energy efficiency and ability to prolong lamp life. Ultimately, high frequency operation operates lamps more efficiently and eliminates hum and visible flicker.  
Fluorescent Ballast

Halogen Electronic Ballast
Halogen Ballast

C. Switching Power Supply
DMC is one of the leading switching power supply manufacturers in Thailand. We were established in 1999 with ISO 9001:2000 accreditation. Our products range from AC/DC switching power supplies, DC/DC converters, DC/AC inverters and custom-made turnkey designs according to the customers’ requirement.

Testing Device
Power Supply

D. Electronic Welding Machine

DMC Electronic Welding Machine is functioned in an “Inverter System”. Designed to be compact in size, it provides stable welding current causing the welding area neat and beautiful. Besides, our innovation can be used with both steel and stainless steel. This Electronic Welding Machine can be regarded as energy-saving and user-friendly compared to the original type.

DMC Welding Machine Specification:

  • Provide high welding current and correspond to the specification indicated
  • Duty cycle value is up to 60%
  • It is produced based on European Standard with CE Mark
  • High quality electronic equipment is recommended to prolong the machine’s life span and for the utmost efficiency. Also, with high quality device, Electronic Welding Machine can offer stable current while performing welding
  • Bigger electrical cords are used so you will not face any problems during high current welding
  • Complete concept of welding is given to our machine both in term of sizing and system
  • 100% Quality Assurance is granted to guarantee every machine prior to delivery to the end customers
Welding Machine
Welding Machine
Welding Machine

E. Magnetic Components
We provide Switching Transformer, Power Transformer, Current Transformer, Inductor, Line Filter and Sensor Coils to meet the customers’ satisfaction and to comply with worldwide standard.

magnetic production line
winding machine
switching transformer
switching transformer
switching transformer
switching transformer
switching transformer
switching transformer
Line Filter
power transformer
TCTC transformer
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